List Of 25 Great Research Paper Topics On Obesity In America

Obesity is a problem that you can find in America. Obesity is the case where one is overweight. It is the extra accumulation of unwanted body fat. It is possible that genetic factors may have a role to play when it comes to obesity. Behavioral factors are also important when it comes to obesity, i.e. eating a lot and not exercising much. The issue with obesity is that it can cause diabetes, sleep apnea moreover heart disease as well as various other issues. It can be interesting researching about obesity within America and writing a research paper on this. If you want some ideas for topics, then continue reading on.

25 topics on obesity in America:

  1. Analyzing the main causes of obesity in America. Figuring out which cause can be said to be the most vital.
  2. Effective ways of being able to limit the prevalence of obesity in America.
  3. A survey of what high school students thinks are the main reason for obesity in America.
  4. How to spread awareness in children about the harmful impacts of obesity?
  5. Obesity and bullying: Can obesity lead to permanent psychological problems in Americans?
  6. How to stop bullying that occurs due to obesity: undertaking a survey in a high school.
  7. Effective ways to help people who have obesity: considering the psychological impact of obesity.
  8. The impacts that obesity has on the body, especially the brain.
  9. Is obesity a serious problem faced by Americans today?
  10. Which age group in America has the most people with obesity and why is this so?
  11. Can the problem of obesity really be solved in America?
  12. Why do Americans suffer from obesity and how to tackle these causes of obesity in America?
  13. Do fast food chains have a vital role to play in causing obesity in America?
  14. What fast food chains should do so as to spread the awareness of the negative impacts of obesity?
  15. Do fast food chains encourage Americans not to control their diet?
  16. A comparison of obesity within America and within the United Kingdom?
  17. The impact that social support plays in aiding obese people in losing weight: a case study of America.
  18. How to tackle the issue of childhood obesity: a case study of America.
  19. The impact that mass media plays in discriminating people who have obesity: a case study of America.
  20. Can one say that obesity tends to be an epidemic in America?
  21. Steps that can be taken to not let obesity be regarded as being an epidemic within America?
  22. Does bottle feeding have an impact to play in causing childhood obesity within America?
  23. Is it a good idea to take nutritional pills so as to tackle obesity?
  24. The advantages and disadvantages of undertaking surgery so as to handle obesity.
  25. The role that genetics has to play in causing obesity: looking at cases present in America.

You can look at the above topics concerning obesity in America. Choose one that you find interesting so that you will enjoy working on it.

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