Twenty Topics For Creating A Research Paper About Quackery

Students who study medicine should understand what quackery is and how to deal with it, so professors often ask them to write research papers about this type of health fraud. The choice of topic ideas within this subject is vast, so it takes time to choose something that you want to study deeply. It’s very important to keep in mind that a research paper should be based on credible sources which can be found both online and at the library. You can use the following sample list of twenty topics about quackery to get started:

  1. The history of health fraud in Europe.
  2. Quackery as unproven and questionable treatment method.
  3. Why do people promote fraud medicines?
  4. Patent medicines: how can patients evaluate their effectiveness?
  5. What “healing” ingredients do fraud drugs often claim to contain?
  6. How do quacks sell their products?
  7. The role of the Internet in growth of sales of counterfeit medicines.
  8. Why do people believe that alternative medicine products are more effective compared to traditional medications?
  9. The main characteristics of fraudulent products.
  10. What are most effective selling strategies used by producers of alternative medicine products?
  11. Nutrition fraud as the most profitable type of quackery.
  12. What does the Food and Drug Administration do in order to prevent sales of so-called “sports” foods?
  13. The importance of the labels of food and dietary supplements: how can customers recognize fraudulent products?
  14. Do pesticide residues poison the food supply?
  15. What is an “organic” food?
  16. Why are organic foods considered more nutritious, compared to conventionally grown products?
  17. Can anti-aging products actually stop the aging process?
  18. Why do people buy arthritis remedies even though it is well-known that there is no cure for this disease?
  19. How can so-called cancer cures possibly help patients?
  20. Who are typical victims of quackery?

Since quackery is a big industry that is built solely to make money, the interests of patients aren’t considered. You can write a research paper about the ethical issues involved. It’s also a good idea to consider topics related to cases that expose fraudsters in medicine. Instructors at the school writing center may be able to help you find sample research paper topic ideas about quackery.

Either way, you should visit your advisor before you start to work on your assignment to approve the topic and ask what sources you can use in order to develop your thesis statement.

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