Parts Of Research Paper Abstract: A Writing Guide

Writing an abstract can be simple as long as you know the steps and the process. An abstract is a summary of a larger work. It may be brief, but it should be just as important as the larger work.

It should include relevant information and a description. It can be anywhere from 100-500 words depending on the text its modelled after. With such few words, you will be expected to write the general problems, results and conclusions.

An abstract has four parts. They will guide you through writing it and give you a basic outline of how it should be completed. The format is similar to the research paper itself; only it's much shorter. Most of the time, each section should be one sentence.

It's best to write the abstract after the research paper is completed. Otherwise it my contain incorrect information. You have to know what's in the original text to be able to write an abstract!

The parts are as follows:

  • Introduction – This should include an overview of the work and why it's important. It should tell the readers what to expect and what the larger work contains.
  • Methods – What was used and how it was used.
  • Results – The data that was gathered after conducting the research.
  • Conclusions – The information that followed as a result of the experiment.
  • There are things that you should always include and things you should not, so let's go over those lists.


  • Use clear language that flows well.
  • Get your point across quickly.
  • Only use the most important and necessary information.
  • Source the original work.


  • Refer to other works.
  • Include language or information that does not appear in the original work.
  • Include unnecessary background information.
  • Use incomplete sentences or abbreviations

Your abstract should not be opinionated. You are only to use text that relates to the original work. It should not bring any questions to the mind of the readers. There shouldn't be any vague sentences that keep that readers guessing. Your paragraph should make sense all by itself.

When you are finished, you need to go over it again and make sure that it doesn't contain any information that isn't in the original work. Keep your own views out of it. Every sentence should agree with – and relate to – what appears in your work.

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