What Do I Write In A Research Paper On Nursing Shortage?

Writing a research paper concerning health care can be tricky and hard. Anyway, in its structure and style, it’s similar to any other type of research. If you decided to take up a topic of a nursing shortage, you’ve made a good choice, because the problem is crucial and is likely to become even more complicated in years to come. Below you’ll find essential tips on how to cope with the task and what to include in your work.

How to Start Working On a Nursing Shortage Research Paper?

  1. Narrow the topic.
  2. Writing about a shortage of Registered Nurses in general can take years. Try to determine a specific area in this vast field, like the lack of personnel in a particular region, the reasons for a crisis, problems of nursing schools or the effects the shortage has on the quality of health care in the US.

  3. Collect the data.
  4. Obviously, it’s the very first stage and the most important. Look for the newest information about nursing employment rates and vacancy rates. Check on the demographic situation, paying attention to the aging population in need of a proper health care. Probably while doing preliminary research, you’ll already have some fresh ideas on resolving the current crisis.

  5. Make notes.
  6. While searching for data mark the points you deem significant or write them down. Studying the issue of nursing shortage requires analyzing statistics, so you’d better note the numbers, otherwise, you’ll get lost in them. Organizing your notes will help you on the next stages of work.

  7. Create an outline.
  8. Each research paper should start from it because it includes the general plan of the work and its goal. Think of your thesis – what message you’d like to convey to your audience. You can put it down as a question you want to answer.

  9. Follow the structure.
  10. When you finally set out to do the main part of your paper, be sure it has an introduction, the main body and conclusions. Remember to present your own ideas supported by factual evidence.

Vital Suggestions Worth Keeping in Mind

Use official or just reliable sources, like data from the US government, and be sure to refer to more than one source to support a statement. However, don’t turn your study into a list of quotes. Explain information you found in your own words. Eventually, try to come up with practical conclusions. The problem is burning, so you’ve got a chance to contribute to its resolution.

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