Excellent Tips For Writing A Research Paper About The War In Vietnam

The Vietnam War was one of the longest wars in United States history. It retains a strong sway over the public's mindset due to the atrocities abroad and the massive scale of public protests against the military action. When writing a research paper on this topic, students should make sure to find first-person accounts and historical records from the time period.

  • History
  • A single event or even an entire war only matter because of the consequences that they carry. The massive destabilization of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam led to the creation of the Khmer Rouge. In the United States, this war encouraged the many protests that were ongoing against the government for racism, military actions and other policies. As a result of the Vietnam War, the political landscape of the United States changed forever. Even in the recent engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, there were still worries that the public would protest on the same scale as during Vietnam, so “support our troops” ribbons and stickers became popular. Whenever a war is considered, students have to remember to put it in the context of the historical moment and the effects that it had on the future.

  • Facts
  • It is easy to get lost in feelings when discussing a war. With so many lives lost or changed forever, it is important to keep a logical, factual basis on the war. While it is important to remember the people involved, it is also imperative that the student keeps the actual facts in mind. The student's research will be judged according to the facts that they gather, so a top score requires excellent information.

  • First-Person Accounts
  • In addition to using facts, it is important to use first-person accounts in their essay. First-person accounts show the actual effects on individuals. They take the story from hard facts and maneuvers to an understandable, personable level. There are many first-person accounts of the war, so students should be discerning about the stories that they use. Everyone has a shaded perspective and unique opinions, so the student will have to remember that the first-person account is shaded by the way that the writer feels.

  • Status of the War in the United States
  • For an interesting research paper on the Vietnam War, students can look at the long-term effects that the war had on the United States. They may want to consider draft dodgers, amnesty for draft dodgers, political protests and flag burning events as they write about the effect on America.

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