How To Create Top-Quality Research Paper On Problem Solution

What Is A Problem Solution Research Paper?

A problem solution research paper is a piece of writing that first poses a problem and then cites a solution to that. It also insists that why this solution is the best one and superior to the other solutions also. A problem solution research paper is extremely challenging for the student and mostly given in high-school or first year in college as assignment.

Tips to Create a Great Problem Solution Research Paper

  • Choose The Topic Wisely
  • If you are set to write a problem-solving paper, then choose the topic which will instantly catch the attention of the reader. Try to find out a problem that is affecting a large part of the society. The more your problem solution topic is controversial and seemingly difficult in nature, the more it will make for a compelling write-up.

  • Create An Outline

    Like any other article, here also creating an outline is mandatory for a well-organized piece. This paper should also follow the conventional route of introduction, thesis statement, body paragraph, conclusion and citations. If you have multiple solutions for your problem, then one paragraph must be allotted to each solution.

  • Do A Persistent Background Work
  • When a problem is chosen by you or given to you, don’t only stick yourself to the Wikipedia page. Read up about it as much as possible. Go to the library and hunt down scholarly journals as well as books. Other sources such as academic texts as well as magazine articles will also prove handy.

  • Do Some Brainstorming
  • To find out the solutions, you are allowed to apply your logic and critical thinking. But don’t cook up stories just for the sake of it. Your recommendations must bear valid foundation, feasibility and possibility.

  • Review Again And Again
  • Once you are done with your draft, review it again and again before you pen down the final copy. Apart from zero grammatical or spelling error, your language should be lucid, flowing and must ring earnest.

Below Are 10 Suitable Topics for Problem Solution Research Paper

  • Depression will become epidemic by 2020.
  • Long-term unemployment is killing credentials of individuals
  • Illegal immigration is jeopardizing a society’s homogeneity
  • Racism in workplace declines productivity
  • Free speech in social media sparks riots
  • Free medical care is becoming burden on a country’s GDP
  • Celebrity-Worship is killing local talents
  • Fear of mathematics makes a child averse to school
  • Violent video games are creating mass-shooters
  • Loneliness in senior citizens affects their collective health.

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