Useful Hints On How To Write A Research Paper Without Plagiarism

A research paper is a bulk sample of academic writing that demand a lot of time and labor. A good research is the one that has a reliable scientific base. In other words, you need to choose a topic that has already been researched by many authors, collect the information on their work in journals, books and other sources, and use this information as a base for your on project. At the same time, your work must be unique and plagiarism-free. How can that be done? Let’s see what you can do.

  1. Improve your language.
  2. When you get down to your work, you need not only to collect pieces of information from other sources and put them together, but also to reproduce them in your own words. It means changing the structure of sentences, replacing words with their synonyms, retelling whole paragraphs, etc. This is how you can make your text totally unique, and copyrights of authors will not be violated. Some students choose using software that reconstructs sentences automatically, replacing words with their synonyms, but this method does not work, and you should never use it. Automatic choice of words makes sentences absolutely unreadable.

  3. Use unknown sources.
  4. If you know for sure that your topic has been researched by many other authors, try searching on the Web. If there are relevant videos on YouTube or other resources, try putting the screen text down and check it with the help of online plagiarism catchers. It’s quite possible that the text has not been used before, so you will receive a good piece of material for your research.

  5. Check scanned books.
  6. Some books on your topic can be scanned in DJVU or PDF format, so if you copy a piece of text from some of them and check it for plagiarism, it’s possible that it will be clean.

  7. Have it written.
  8. If you have tried all the methods but still cannot write a plagiarism-free work on your own, you can have it written by professionals. There are numerous resources online that offer services of professional writers. These writers can provide you with unique texts for a certain fee. What you need to do in such a situation is check their reliability. That is, you should choose a service that proves uniqueness of their texts before you pay them. Some writers also agree to receive payment after you have the material proofread by your supervisor and know that all demands are observed.

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