Writing An APA Style Research Paper: A Guide For Rookies

In most college courses, the professors expect you to write your term assignments in a certain style more often than not the style is APA style. This particular style has its own set of rules just like the papers that you were assigned in high school. The Following information is what you should expect to see in the set up:

  1. This type of document has a certain way to set up the header. The first header is different from the rest. The header should:
    • Have the words Running Head: Project Name and it must look exactly like this
    • It should also have a page number on the far left-hand corner
    • In the header and footer menu box the box labeled different first page should be checked
    • On the following pages, the header should read like this
    • Project Name on the far right side
    • Page number in the left-hand corner
  2. The alignment is supposed to be on the right
  3. The title of the assignment is supposed to be bold on the page right after the abstract and title page
  4. Any new section should be bolder and directly located on the right side
  5. The outside margin of the document is supposed to be one inch all the way around
  6. Each page is supposed to have a header along with the page number alongside it.
  7. On the references page, the sources have to go in a specific order like this
    • Name of the author
    • Date that it was created or year if just the year is available
    • Period
    • The title of the section that you are taking the information from. This part must be in italics.
    • The word Retrieved from and the source you got the information from
    • If it is from a Web site, you must include the web site
    • The date that you got the information should be the last step
    • Within the document, you will need to perform an incite text that includes the year of the source from which you retrieve information and the author or the website.

Once your document is set up like this, you are ready to express your information in paragraph form. In creating this document, you should just set up all of the above information first and then begin the assignment this way the entire document is in APA from the beginning.

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