How To Write An MLA Research Paper: Citing Sources Correctly

MLA formatting or Modern Language Association is a unique writing style which is most commonly used to write articles and papers related to humanities and liberal arts. If you need to submit an article or write an MLA research paper you need to adapt a specific way of writing and need to follow certain disciplines.

Steps to write an MLA research paper- Important guidelines:

To write such paper or submit an article based on modern language formatting you need to follow certain guidelines which are mentioned below

  • Document Settings: This is the initial process where you need to change the default settings of the word processor uniquely. For MLA formatting you have to make 1 inch margins all around and the line height should be double spaced and made into 2.0. You have to make sure that no extra spacing should be provided after each and every paragraph. The font used to write these papers should be times new roman and the font size usually used is 12.
  • Page Header: In the Microsoft word processor, you can find ‘page header’ function on the top right of every page. You need to add an automatic page number as well as your surname.
  • Title Block: This section deals with the writing of your name, your course number and section, your instructor’s name, and the exact date at which you are writing the paper. The next carries your main title of your article where you have to type an appropriate and informative title which clearly showcases which topic you are dealing with and it has to be short and precise. Title block should be double spaced and the font style should be same as the rest of the article.
  • Citations: this is an important section where you need to cite your sources, establishing authorities and to avoid unnecessary plagiarisms. These are some of the set of instructions which focuses on how to format the page.
  • Citations usually require 2 stages while preparing this. The first stage comes in the body of the research paper which can be termed as ‘in-text citation’ and the latter stage is accomplished on a separate new page at the end of your research paper.
  • Works cited lists: the final stage deals with your bibliographical information on every source you have cited on the article this tricky and tedious section depicts the quality of your MLA research paper and it requires extra time to make it perfect.

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