Creating A Good Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On Helen Keller

You have one good thing going for you. You have the all-important subject matter to work with. You just have to figure-out which way to write about it. She was a very interesting person while she lived. She did more things than people who had all of their senses did. She had a love for life that most could not understand. Reading this piece in the article makes you think. This article explains how to create a good thesis statement for Helen Keller.

  1. There will be a large amount of interesting research material. You must break it down an organize it to make it simple for audience to follow. Keeping the attention of the audience can make or break you. Once you decide the best way of outlining the material go through and pick-out the five or six pieces of research. Try to catch rare writing or photographs of her.
  2. Use this material for topic sentences. Be sure that they explain the theme and not just the paragraph you are writing. Too many students make that mistake and end-up all over the place you strategically place the strongest two of the five in certain positions. The first paragraph must really grab the attention of the readers. This is where they decide if it is good enough to keep going. The fifth paragraph is the last thing they read. It should be shorter more colorful sentences.
  3. You are taught to use the five basic steps in writing, to be successful you must make the paper come alive. Helen can explain what she feels what is going on around her. Your job is to use your creative and descriptive skills to help her out in any way. You have to be sure the readers actually
  4. See the colors. They must think they are there listening to the sounds of the people, places, and things. You must make-up what Helen Keller is missing because of her disabilities. The glorious thing about her is she never looked at in that way. How can you miss what you never had in the first place
  5. The conclusion should be about all the good things she felt while she was alive. The ending should be the beginning of someone who is in her same position and wants to make the best of it all.

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