List Of Creative Research Papers Topics About 1800s

For many years now, research has been foundational in many studies. Even as early as 1800s, practical studies which included research were already taking place. As opposed to today where analyzing findings on a subject is partly to equip students with practical skills, most topics which were conducted then were geared towards finding solutions to the problems that humans went through. The years preceding 1800s and after were riddled with atrocities against women and minorities. It was a period of American colonization and also a duration during which slave trade was rife. In the same period, society was largely male dominated which means it was impractical to have women in leadership positions. The emergence of culture was also at its peak.

With all these, research was a greater way of looking at the ills and the goods that faced society and in one way or another, studies reflected on the means and ways of changing the lifestyles of people for a better future. At this time, technology had also not picked much momentum in many parts of the world and this made formulation of research topics quite easy. It was all about one’s creativity to come up with something researchable. The period leading up to industrial revolution was arguably upbeat with activities. Also, the dawn of information era was knocking.

Well, in this article, we list some topics that formed the backbone of creative research studies about the years of 1800s. Let’s take a look.

  • The American civilization and independence
  • The place of women in leadership in a pre-independent and post independent America
  • The American revolution: Unification and unity
  • The development of Canadian Education and post independence curriculum changes
  • The British education system-Structural changes
  • The Employment disparities among the colored races-The Mexican and Hispanics scenario
  • Cultural exchanges between The African Americans and The indigenous Americans
  • Economic reforms-Abolition of slavery and the aftermath
  • Racism and slave trade-How were the two related?
  • The American Reconnaissance-The period of reconstruction
  • Structural reforms in the health sector in the period of 1800s
  • The place of information technology in 1800s
  • The reformation of healthcare in 1800s
  • The post independence American constitutional reforms

These are some of the main creative topics that formed the backbone of research in 1800s. Just like it is today, studies focused on issues that bedeviled the society at that time.

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