Coming Up With Good Research Paper Topics For Criminal Justice

If you are looking for great criminal justice research paper topics, look no further because we are here to help. Read on to find some fantastic topics you can sink your teeth into:

  • Explore the relationship between age and the propensity to commit a crime. Do younger people have more reasons to commit crimes than older people?
  • Explore the reasons for the higher incidence of large scale financial crime in developed countries. Is it a simple case of opportunity?
  • Does the US criminal justice system require reform? Explore the ways in which it can be improved to ensure a better outcome for society.
  • Explore the treatment of minorities by the US criminal justice system. Is there evidence of bias?
  • With overflowing jails, is the introduction of “soft” punishment like community service enabling criminals to commit crime without fear of serious reprisals?
  • Explore the evolution of criminology as a social science. What has the experience of various countries taught us?
  • Compare and contrast the criminal justice system of the United States with that of the United Kingdom. What can the two countries learn from each other?
  • Explore the evidence for and against capital punishment. Is it a deterrent for violent criminals?
  • Explore the means through which countries without capital punishment deal with their violent criminals. What is the effectiveness of those measures?
  • What is the effect of the gender of a criminal on the punishment they are allocated for their crimes? Examine the data.
  • What is the incidence of re-offence by criminals based on their genders? What are the reasons for any disparities?
  • How can we ensure that jail time becomes a lesson learned for a criminal? How can we stop criminals from re-offending?
  • Explore the effect of politics on the criminal justice system. How much influence do the politics of the time have on decision making in courts?
  • Explore the use of mental illness as a defense for violent crime and the treatment of such a defense by the criminal justice system.
  • Explore the relationship between social class and crime. Does having money or the lack of it influence the capacity to commit a crime?
  • Explore the role of the criminal justice system in the rehabilitation of the victims of crime. Does seeing the person who has offended against you being convicted and punished help with your healing?
  • Explore the role of deterrence as a mechanism for the prevention of crime.

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