Term Paper Topics On Video Games: 15 Interesting Questions

Video games are highly appreciated in terms of technological development but have been a topic of intense discussion for kids getting negatively influenced. The term paper topics on video games are hotly debated in Parents Television Council too.

If you are looking for some brilliant term paper topics on video games, check out the list

  1. How video games are spoiling future generations and hampering the development of country? Should they be censored by the US government? Discuss the topic in context with graphic violence, gory scenes, nudity, virtual sex and criminal behavior.
  2. How video games have become an eminent part of arcade games? Discuss them in terms of design and control? How Hollywood is affected by them?
  3. How video games are used as a relaxing therapy? What norms they have created for entertainment industry? Do they serve mental relaxation? How it helps in meditation and alleviates stress of daily routine?
  4. How violent video games have transformed the personalities of youth and toddlers into an aggressive one?
  5. How Video games have turned into a huge business of entertainment? Why they have penetrated into life of a common man? How should they be used as a positive way to live life?
  6. How violent video games have poked more of the animal or savage impulse prowling under the human’s skins? How they are channelizing more of negativity while exploding violence and suppressing positive attributes in humans?
  7. How video games are liable for creating criminals? How the educational aspects are getting ignored and more of the bad of video game is coming out in humans? How they are liable to create more of violent thoughts and aggressive behaviors in individuals?
  8. List top 10 video games and their repercussions on mindset of people. How selection of video games has become difficult for individuals?
  9. How video games are spoiling motherhood and countless innocents?
  10. How video games can be transformed into positive agents sharing meaningful significance to the society?
  11. How video games have become an escaping mechanism from committing suicides and taking narcotics? How they act as a mental therapy and relives anxiety?
  12. Are video games helping society or spoiling it? Discuss the topic by taking some examples of common video games.
  13. Why people love playing more and more games? Why they do not get bored even after playing them thousands times.
  14. “Video games have become life like”. Discuss its negative consequence in terms of children and teenagers.
  15. How parents can keep a command on their children with the types of video games they play? Discuss the topic in terms of de-sensitivity, aggression and violence.

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