Writing A Research Paper Literature Section: Helpful Advice

Are you at that literature review stage of your paper and have know clue how to proceed? Read on for some tips and helpful advice that can get you started the right way:

  • Understand your chosen topic
  • Topics are extremely important. The right one will help you to stand out from the crowd, impress the teacher and get good grades. The wrong one can lad you to spend unnecessary hours, days , weeks or months trying to find information that is likely to never turn up. Pick your topic wisely and understand what it requires of you before you begin.

  • Search for points that could help you build your paper
  • Having delved into the meaning of your topic, you will need to start brainstorming the most suitable topics for inclusion. Look at each potential point for weaknesses that may diminish the paper overall. These may be subtle so look closely.

  • Find reliable sources that can be used
  • One of the things that makes a point worthwhile is having the word of someone respected in the field to back it up. Make sure you have good citations to go with everything you want to say.

  • Seek out sample literature reviews
  • A good sample shows you what to aim for with your writing. This may not be something you can accomplish on your own so do not be afraid to ask your professor to give you a few of the ones he or she has collected over the years.

  • Find a template that fits your needs
  • Templates make life easier especially when you are in a hurry. They shoe you where everything needs to go and some of the very detailed ones can actually include examples so that you are more likely to understand.

  • Create an outline
  • Once you understand everything else, see how far the knowledge can take you by making an outline.

  • Ask someone to advise you on how to proceed
  • If your outline is satisfactory to you, ask a friend who knows better if they agree with your assessment. They should be willing to give you brutal honesty and you should be willing to accept that and take advice.

  • Read the guidelines for the style you have been assigned
  • This should be one of your first steps. It should even go without saying but this is an extremely important move on your part. Make sure you understand the contents of the guide booklet.

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