How Do I Structure The Results Section Of An APA Research Paper?

When you are working on your APA research paper, one of the important parts or segments of the paper is the results section. In composing this part of the academic paper, it will go on to give a description of your project’s findings and outcome. It is possible you already know all these but the issue is that you don’t know how to structure this part of your academic paper. In order for the results section of your paper to be comprehensible to your target readers, it is important that you utilize certain techniques and tips. Listed below are some steps to help you compose the results section of your paper. They are as follows:

  • Get The Content Organized: There is a particular pattern you are following when it comes to the structure of your paper’s introduction or hypothesis. Follow this same structure and present your results in an easier-to comprehend layout.
  • Give Clear Descriptions Of Tests: You carried out certain tests in order to come up with the results for your APA research paper. Clearly describe these statistical tests, not forgetting to indicate the questions or hypotheses on which they are based.
  • Give Clear Descriptions Of The Groups: This is another important aspect of composing the results section of your paper. It is advised that the characteristics of the chosen groups that are being compared should be statistically described.
  • Present Results In Acceptable Format: Since you are writing your paper in the APA format, it is important you familiarize yourself with the guidelines of presenting your result. This will increase your chances of having your academic paper approved.
  • Make A Connection: Remember that the statistical tests carried out were to support your hypothesis. Therefore, at the end of the test result, write a few sentences to establish how the result is related to the hypothesis.
  • Limit The Use Of Tables And Figures: It is true that when it comes to the results section of your APA research paper, the use of tables and figures makes it easier to present and digest results. However, you should be careful not to over-use this medium.
  • Thoroughly Revise: After all the content of your paper’s results section is composed, take time to go through them in order to ensure that your target readers can easily make out the results of your tests, especially as it has to do with supporting your paper’s questions or hypothesis.

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