Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing A Research Paper On Jury Nullification

Jury nullification is an interesting topic for a research paper related to law. If you’ve never completed such papers before, you might make some mistakes working on your project. Before you start writing anything, you should learn about important do’s and don’ts. Otherwise, you might compose a paper that will earn a low score.

Do’s of Writing Your Research Paper

  1. Present the main questions of your study clearly.
  2. Describe the reasons to justify your study.
  3. Check the accuracy of the data that you want to present.
  4. Make references only to respectable and up-to-date sources.
  5. Provide strong evidence to support your statements.
  6. Use accurate and clear terms to avoid ambiguity.
  7. List all sources used during your study in a properly formatted bibliography.
  8. Proofread your paper several times before submitting.

Don’ts of Writing Your Research Paper

  1. Don’t try to overstate your achievements.
  2. Don’t include information that is irrelevant to your topic.
  3. Don’t present absurd reasons for conducting your study.
  4. Don’t exceed the word limit stated by your instructor.
  5. Don’t copy the parts of the text from other papers unless you’re citing them.
  6. Don’t ignore formatting requirements of your college.
  7. Don’t address the reader in your text.
  8. Don’t rely on spell checkers proofreading your paper.

How to Structure Your Paper

Your paper should start with a title page. Different formats require different title pages, so look into your assignment guidelines for details.

Then, the main body of your paper should start. It begins with an introduction where you present the background of your topic and state why your study should be conducted. The introduction should also contain a brief description of the following chapters.

The next is your literature review where you discuss the main sources that your study is based upon. Write thoroughly about these books and mention their authors.

After the literature review, you should present the description of your methodology. Make it thorough so that the reader can easily repeat your actions to check the validity of your study.

The presentation and discussion of your results go next. First, inform the reader about the raw figures and then express your opinion on your findings.

The last chapter of the main body is your conclusion where you summarize your points and offer directions for the further research.

In the end, you should have a bibliography that lists all your sources and a section for different extra materials that are useful for better understanding of your study.

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