Writing A Research Paper On Domestic Violence: 10 Things To Consider

Domestic violence is spreading faster in America and other developed European countries. Choose the topic of domestic violence to prepare your research paper to expect good feedback from your superiors. To be frank, in the USA , child abuse and severe sexual harassment by hands of hubbies and violent encounters have forced Obama to change the law for preventing domestic violence to ensure the peace at home. Detect Reasons of Acceleration of Domestic Violence in Research Paper

Children at home are ill treated by aggressive parents. Kids have to commit suicide or become lunatic due to the terrific torture. Human rights commissions and WHO have already taken good initiatives to detect the reasons of the acceleration of domestic violence and sexual abuse in America.

1st Thing to Consider

In your academic paper, try to magnify this problem broadly giving possible reasons of the spread of violence and vandalism .

2nd Thing to Consider

Well with the change in the society under the influence of hi-tech technology, people are becoming much more avaricious and lusty for materialistic achievement. Children are manhandled at schools. Arrogant teachers pressurize parents to be strict for the sake of the all round physical and mental development of kids.

3rd Thing to Consider

None is present to support children by making strong protest against child abuse. Even government fails to minimize this crime. Bring this severe issue of child abuse to people.

4th Thing to Consider

At home they must be properly nourished and guided by parents. In this connection, collect evidence and past histories regarding the domestic violence. For instance, just a year back, New Yorker based parents tortured their 9 years old daughter by forcefully pouring a bottle of urine into mouth of the girl as she didn’t show obedience to her parents. It is a heinous act. Parents must be punished.

5th Thing to Consider

Where are the doctrine of humanity, motherhood and love? Why do parents showcase reluctance to behave well with their children? Is it the feedback of ultra modernization? Raise possible argumentative topics in your research paper. Readers must be motivated to give their comments and opinions to tackle such unforgettable violence at home.

6th Thing to Consider

Privacy is broken. Children have to ventilate their problems in public. It is pathetic for someone to bear. Children have rights to lead lives freely without stress.

7th Thing to Consider

In the research paper, include solutions and good methods of recovery of peace to settle the issue by removing domestic violence.

8th Thing to Consider

Give your suggestions to train parents and seniors to maintain tranquility in their houses. Homes are abodes of peace. People should be responsible to protect rights of children at home.

9th Thing to Consider

Analyze the contribution of citizens to control the domestic violence. Is it right to empower children to lodge complaints against parents? Quote statements of experts and experienced lawyers.

10th Thing to Consider

What are the roles of various NGOS and WHO to protect children and reduce severity of child abuse? Do elaborate analysis with examples.

In the conclusion, deliver some of your selected opinions to help readers to modify their thoughts to manage such an unbearable domestic violence.

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