Creating An Excellent Term Paper On Athens And Sparta

One of the most interesting times in history was in the age of Athens and Sparta. Long ago, these two Greek city states represented entirely different ways of viewing the world. While Athens was democratic and focused on learning, Sparta was a city state populated by warriors and a totalitarian government. To get a top score on a term paper, students should find an interesting angle for writing about these two city states.

  • Totalitarianism Versus Democracy
  • For an interesting term paper, students could discuss how totalitarianism and democracy were both founded in ancient Greece. They could look at the examples of Athens and Sparta to demonstrate how these governmental systems were like in real life and how they formed over time. In Sparta, there were slaves, Spartan females and Spartan males. Both females and males were trained to be athletically fit and stoic. Even after getting married at age 20, the males continued to live in military barracks and were given minimal clothing. In comparison, Athens was a state of citizens where everyone other than the slaves and women could participate in the democracy. Athenian youth were trained in art and academics so that they could one day be knowledgeable citizens.

  • Look at Daily Life
  • At birth, Spartan boys were left out in the elements as newborns. If they lived, they were trained to be warriors and fed very little. The daily life of a Spartan was considered to be quite difficult, while Athenians had a more comfortable, educated existence. For their term paper, students could compare the different aspects of daily life and the general attitudes of both city states.

  • The Olympics
  • For an unusual topic, students could look at the winners of the Olympic Games during the heyday of Athens and Sparta. Although Sparta was known for rigorous military training, Athens actually won more events at the Olympics. Students may want to cover various reasons for why this occurred, or they may want to write about some of the individual victors.

  • Go to the Library
  • As one of the most popular time periods in history, there are literally thousands of books that have been written about ancient Greece. Before students begin writing their essay, they should go to the library and read through some of the best books. Ultimately, their term paper will be judged on the quality of their research. Due to this, students should begin researching as soon as possible and look for academic sources for their bibliography.

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