Things To Remember While Writing A Research Paper Outline On A Person

Getting started writing a research paper on a person is often quite difficult for students. Having a properly composed outline will help you avoid procrastination and prepare a comprehensive assignment to impress your professor. The following steps and suggestions are designed to aid you in completing your work.

Composing a Research Paper Outline on a Person

  1. Understand all the specific details about your assignment.
  2. You need to find out how long the paper should be, how many sources are allowed, whether you require to include a particular kind of information about a person under study, what writing style you should use, and whether you should submit an outline to your instructor or not.

  3. Find an outstanding person to write about.
  4. It’s important to select a personality that not only arouses your curiosity but will be interesting to the readers as well. You should also ensure that you can reach all the necessary materials to reveal the topic and formulate a question that you will address in your work.

  5. Start your research.
  6. Although it’s easier to stick to a chosen topic, you may change it while you’re studying the sources. Visit your school’s library to find bibliographies, recorded interviews, journals, and other publications about a chosen person. Remember to search for online sources too.

  7. Compose an outline.
  8. A sentence outline is a perfect way to organize your thoughts and evidence from the literature, so group your notes together, select suitable quotations, match information that fits together, and format the document appropriately. Make sure that each section contains a single point supported by an explanation.

Preparing a Sample Outline for a Famous Person Research Paper

  1. Write an introduction with an attention getter, a brief presentation of a famous person, and your thesis statement.
  2. Compose body paragraphs with information about the person’s parents, toddlerhood, teen years, life goals, and college education if any.
  3. Explain what a particular individual is famous for, what led to his or her fame, and who have inspired him or her as a role model.
  4. Devote a section to the most impressive awards won, remember to explain what each award stands for.
  5. Provide some information about the person’s marriage and children if applicable, tell your readers where he or she lives, and include details about his or her hobbies and pets.
  6. Summarize the ideas presented in the main sections, restate your thesis idea, and construct a final appeal.

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