Where To Go Looking For A Research Paper Proposal Sample In Turabian Format

The Turabian was developed by Kate Turabian for the University of Chicago. It is just a type of formatting for writing research papers. The University of Chicago Press publishes the handbook on the style. It has a certain procedure for composing and then formatting papers. The style also has a certain sequence for punctuating bibliographies and footnotes. The style is currently on its seventh edition, so make sure to use the latest edition as a guide. It is quite similar to the Chicago Manual of Style. There are many places to go to when looking for a proposal sample of this kind.

Where to Look for a Proposal

  • Ask your teacher-if your teacher or instructor is assigning this particular style, he or she needs to be able to give you examples of what the teacher wants. Ask for proposal models so you can format it correctly.
  • Go to a writing business-since this is a rather unique style; you may want to employ a company for help. This company can guide you through your proposal and all parts of the Turabian process.
  • Check online at a reputable site-you can locate many things online. You should be able to find samples of every step of this format. If you are unsure of the quality then simply move along and use another sample.
  • College websites-you will see that many colleges have instructional writing websites, on different styles, and this style is no exception. The best place to go would probably be the site at the University of Chicago on the Turabian style.
  • School writing lab-every college and university has a writing lab, and if you are not in post high school, some of these facilities are open to public use. The lab will have an assistant as well as archived models for you to explore.
  • Library Reference Section-in the reference section of the library, you will see many textbooks which have examples in them. You should be able to find one that covers all styles of papers. You cannot check out reference books, but you can photocopy the pages you need.

When you need an example proposal of any type you should ask your teacher, go to a writing company, check at online sources, use a college website, go to a school writing lab, or check out the school library reference section.

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