Coming Up With Impressive Term Paper Topics About Terrorism

Terrorism is something that concerns almost any person nowadays, so this topic is good to write your term paper about. However, you should approach this matter creatively. Your teacher won’t be impressed by reading a paper where you’re just expressing your opinion on terrorism. You should narrow this topic and create an original paper. Here you may look at some topic examples that may inspire you on writing your brilliant work.

  1. Non-military response to actions of terrorists: does this work?
  2. Do your research and investigate whether it’s effective to negotiate with terrorists and avoid using weaponry. Might this bring any success?

  3. Connection between terrorism and religion.
  4. Plenty of terrorist organizations are related to particular religions. Investigate in your term paper what drives highly religious people become terrorists.

  5. Counterterrorism in the United States.
  6. This topic allows you to explore what steps the government of the United States takes to counter terrorism and what challenges it faces.

  7. Leaders of the terrorist organizations.
  8. Make a list of the most infamous terrorist leaders and analyze their personalities. What do they have in common? What drives them to commit such terrible things?

  9. Does a Muslim means a potential terrorist?
  10. Do your research and investigate whether Islam is really a dangerous religion that creates potential terrorists. Do Muslim terrorists perceive their religion in a wrong way?

  11. The dangers of the bioterrorism.
  12. This topic allows you to investigate in your term paper what bioterrorism is and what is the scope of harm it might bring. How should we deal with this type of terrorism?

  13. Mass media and terrorism.
  14. Explore in your paper how terrorists may use mass media for their purposes. What is the easiest way to spread panic among people?

  15. The impact of cyber terrorism.
  16. Cyber terrorism seems to be not so dangerous in comparison to other types of terrorism. Do your research and explore what the dangers of cyber terrorism are.

  17. Policy of the United States against the countries that support terrorism.
  18. Investigate in your term paper what is the policy of the USA towards the nations that support particular terrorist organizations. How should it be improved?

  19. Society against terrorism.
  20. Discuss in your paper what society should do to prevent terrorist actions? Should people study how to behave and what measures to take in dangerous situations?

    You may use these topics to do your own research and write a paper on terrorism. The topics might be narrowed even more.

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