Coming Up With Good American History Term Paper Topics For College

When you write a paper about history, no matter the topic, you need to provide exact information and to expose your ideas in a logic and chronologic order. Historical facts are relevant for the future generation, and each student can learn something from them. American history is interesting for many people, but not all of them had patience to search for information. If this is the subject you will discuss in your term paper, check out these topic ideas:

  • Native Americans. Before America was discovered, there were many people living there. They were considered savages by Europeans and forced out of their land. Their history and culture are truly fascinating.
  • Declaration of Independence. The moment when Americans gained independence away from the British crown is probably one of the most significant elements in the history. This was the beginning of the country that exists today.
  • Cotton. The American economy was supported for many years by plantations of cotton. They were having enough labor and good lands. Therefore, they were exporting it all over the world. A big part of the cotton that was used in Europe was produced in America.
  • Slavery. It was considered for a long time the country with the largest population of slaves. Slave owners were wealthy, high-class white people. Lincoln was the first one who had the courage and necessary support to talk against slavery, and he was also the one who abolished it.
  • Prohibition in America. For 13 years, the consumption, production and transportation of any alcoholic drink was against the law. This was the result of a powerful campaign made by Protestants and social Progressive. After intense debates, in 1933, the government canceled this law.
  • The First World War and America. You can describe the actions that were done by the American government during the war and why they wanted to remain neutral.
  • The big Reconstruction. After the civil war that destroyed a significant region, the government planned was is considered to be one of the most ambitious reconstruction programs in all history. In a matter of years, they built cities, restored jobs and revived the economy.
  • Relations with China. The victory of the communists in China was considered by many Americans a threat to their own freedom. Many citizens blamed the government that they did not support the troops that fought against communists.

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