Where Can I Get A Free Research Paper With A Methods Section.

In order to find sample papers that are actually of quality, there are only a few websites that you can trust. You may have used some of them, but this article will show you others that you have never used before. It is difficult enough to write a methods section for a research paper without a guideline telling you what to do and how to format it. However, if you use these tools, you will be able to find quality sample research papers with a methods section in no time.

Five places where you can find sample papers with a methods section

  1. Google Scholar - Quality and Google Scholar are basically synonymous. Using this tool, you may even be able to cite the information you find in these papers if the topic is the same, as in your own paper. This will allow you to have more sources that are of high quality. Google Scholar is for serious researchers who want quality information readily. If you use this search engine instead of merely using Google, you will get better results, and you will have a greater chance of finding a good quality paper with a well-written methods section.
  2. Ask around - Ask other students and faculty members if they have any sample research papers in their possession. If fellow students are reluctant to let you have access to their samples, you can offer to trade them for a sample article you may have. Or you may convince students and faculty that you are not using the sample for plagiarism merely so that you have an idea of how to format and write the methods section of your paper. Once you do this, it is more likely that people will be willing to hand over sample articles that they have or papers that they themselves have written.
  3. Slide Boom - SlideBoom’s website consists of slides and is a similar website to Slideshare, which you can also check out. If you search the website, you will be able to find sample research papers, and you are able to go through them to see which ones have methods sections and which ones do not.
  4. Slideshare - A huge difference between Slide Boom and Slideshare is that slide share allows you to also save the papers that you find in case you want to refer back to them. There are some papers, however, that you cannot save, but the majority of them are okay. If you can’t save them, just make notes and you will be fine.

Most importantly, all of the resources listed above are FREE! Try these and other methods that you may know of to get good free research papers with a methods section. Work hard and do not plagiarize. Good luck!

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