Writing Fundamentals: The Major Parts Of A Research Paper

Below are some writing fundamentals that cover the major parts of a research paper:

  • Once you have a topic, you need to write the body of your content.
  • You have maintains the same basic structure. Each of these sections should start out with an introductory sentence that tells your reader what the main idea you were going to cover actually is. From there you need to write out all supporting ideas you have any sentence format but you need to leave a few lines in between each of your supporting ideas so you can fill in your detailed examples or the statistics that you have to support your position. If you already have the statistics of the examples you want to place those immediately after each of your supporting ideas so that you can help to link together all of your small ideas and relate them to the bigger picture.

  • After this you want to write your introduction.
  • After you develop your thesis and you have the overall body of your final piece it is time to write your introduction. Many students mistakenly believe that the introduction is the first thing that they need to write but in actuality it is one of the last thing that you need to write because you cannot properly crafter introduction without knowing exactly what content you are going to present in the body of your pieces . Your introduction needs to grab the attention of your reader and it needs to show them what the purpose of your final writing is going to be. You need to start off with something that grabs the attention of your reader such as a specific quote, a summary of the topic, shocking information or an interesting story. No matter which angle you select you want to make sure that the angle you have ties directly into your thesis statement because that is going to be included as the final statement in your introductory paragraph.

  • Once this is done you need to write your conclusion.
  • The conclusion is what brings closure to the overall topic and what helps you to finalize the information you have presented. This is where you summarize your ideas and where you offer a final perspective on the subject you have chosen. You can review the main points that you wrote in your body and provide reinforcement for the thesis statement you presented in your introduction.

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