Exploring The Life Of Great American Poets: Interesting Research Paper Topic Ideas

Throughout its rich history, the United States of America has produced several illustrious poets who have each left their mark on the field of literature. They have composed great works on a variety of subjects and some of them have drawn inspiration from their personal experiences. The lives of famous American poets need to be studied, not just to get an in-depth understanding of the background of their poetry but also to draw inspiration from their lifestyle. This subject provides rich fodder for students to write their own research papers and you can choose from several different topics.

List of research paper topic ideas

  • What sort of impact do you think the personal lives of great American poets have had on their writings?
  • Do the descriptions and concepts of nature present in the works of American poets relate to their own backgrounds?
  • What do you know about the life and poetry of Bret Harte?
  • What is your personal opinion on the poetry of Robert Frost?
  • How does Roethke's background and personal life figure into the analysis of his poetic works?
  • Write a paper on contemporary American poetry and its public worlds.
  • Critically examine the concept of the American Dream in the poetry of Langston Hughes.
  • Explore the idea of Mass Society in New American Poetry and the Dharma Burns.
  • How is the poetry William Carlos Williams rooted in the New American Culture?
  • Do you think that African-American poetry is considered a part of American poetry? How far do you think that society has shaped your opinion?
  • Conduct an examination of the Native American Experience via the medium of poetry.
  • What do you know about the life and works of William Cullen Bryant?
  • How have Modernist Poets like Wallace Stevens, T.S. Eliot, and E.E. Cummings changed the entire face of American Poetry?
  • Describe how the life of Phillis Wheatley affected his poetry.
  • Exploration of the language, themes and techniques used in the poetry of Emily Dickinson and how they relate to the experiences she went through in life?
  • Who are some of the influential poets of the Beat Generation?
  • What do you know about Margaret Walker and the Harlem Renaissance?
  • Describe some of the hardships suffered by Maya Angelou, as evidenced by her amazing poetry.
  • Who was Anne Bradstreet? What were her roles in society and how did she balance them against her love for poetry?
  • The ideas of Human vs Nature and Life vs Death in the poetry of Emily Dickinson.
  • Who were the Puritan poets and how did their lifestyle influence their reputation in the American literary circle?

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