A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics In Computer Science

What is a research paper?

This paper is a form of an essay where the writer’s interpretations, valuations and arguments are explicitly expressed. It contains all possible information on the particular topic from other experts’ work and other reliable sources. It is an innovative work done by the student by combining all informative content from different places.

Such paper and studies are an important part of any graduation course. To complete your final semester, each and every student has to submit his paper on the topic chosen by him in the field given by the university.

Guidelines for documentation of such papers

There are many guidelines for writing such academic papers which need to be followed strictly without any flaws. The format and style has to be maintained as specified by the university. Generally the format is similar though out colleges, but some may differ from the other. The common structure to be followed is:

  • Title Page: This informs the readers the subject of the paper and includes the name of the authors, keywords and conflicts of interests.
  • Abstract: This is a summary of the entire report.
  • Introduction: This part of the paper sets the background. It lays the foundation of the topic and gives details in brief as to the reason to choose the given topics.
  • Methods: Here you need to describe whether you have followed the primary or secondary method.
  • Results: This is one of the most important sections, as the findings are explained here. Both primary and secondary findings are included in this part.
  • Discussion: The main findings of the study are interpreted here with reference to all the policies and practices.
  • Conclusions: Conclusions are mostly optional in such kind of papers. Here the previous data and content need not be mentioned again. You are required to state new content with inferences and speculations. Mainly future perspective is used here.
  • Acknowledgments: You are supposed to mention the names of people who have helped you during your work.
  • References: All the information and content which you have taken from other sources must be cited here with their respective source and author name.

One popular field where research papers are highly important and critical is the computer science field. Some interesting topics covered under this are:

  • Vision of computers
  • Network and security
  • Embedded and hardware systems
  • Scientific computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Algorithms and architectures
  • Bio informatics
  • Computer assisted education
  • Bluetooth broadcasting

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