Great Biology Research Paper Topics For High School

Sometimes in can be hard for high school students to come up with original biology research paper topics. This is an important step in the entire process that can dictate one’s level of interest towards putting together an excellent research paper for class. We’ve made the process easier by providing you with this list of great topics you can consider for your high school assignment:

  1. Biological weapons – Can Ebola be developed into a weaponized form and put the world’s population at risk? What preventative measures can be taken?
  2. Genetics and obesity – Research the kinds of genes that are most likely to lead to obesity and what scientists can do to combat the increase of obese populations?
  3. Genetic diseases – Research genetic diseases like sickle cell anemia or Down syndrome. What can you find about what genes are affected and reasons why?
  4. Meningitis mystery – What can you find out about this mysterious disease? Why have scientists experienced such difficulty in dealing with the disease?
  5. Sleep advantages – Are there advantages or disadvantages to getting too much sleep? What types of sleep disorders are caused by biological reasons?
  6. Homosexuality and genetics – Does biology factor in any way to the sexual preferences in humans or any other species that have exhibited homosexuality?
  7. Abortion and future pregnancies – Write a biology research paper on the effects of abortion on future pregnancies? What are the risks if any?
  8. Phobias – Discuss the ways the human brain can be affected by different kinds of phobias? What biological factors exist to explain how these phobias developed?
  9. Alternative medication – Do alternative medicines influenced by practices from around the world work? In terms of biology, what proofs exist that these medicines work?
  10. Origins of humans – Write a biology report on how humans came into existence and have evolved over periods of time. Is there evidence that explains ethnic differences?
  11. Nanotechnology – What are the advantages and disadvantages of nanotechnology? How is it applicable to our lives? What are some examples?
  12. Hypnosis – Is there a biological angle to the practice of hypnosis? Can you find evidence in support of its possibilities? Or does it all happen in one’s head?

These are just a few high school topics for you to consider when writing your biology research paper. You can use these directly or use them to inspire some original ideas of your own.

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