A List Of Specific Medical Research Paper Topics For College

Every student understands that writing isn’t a walk in the park and if it probably was, we wouldn’t have written this article. One of the hardest parts of writing an essay is in choosing an essay topic. If you are supposed to write a medical research paper topic for college, here are some topics that are worth choosing.

  1. Acute Lung Disease. Some of symptoms of acute lung disease include hyperventilation and rapid breathing
  2. ADHD and depression.
  3. Aids. A research paper on Aids suggest that it started in California in 1981. You can write a research paper on this topic. Other subtopics include Aids causes, children and Aids and Aids in Asia.
  4. Alzheimer’s disease. You can explore the scope of the Alzheimer’s disease and how it affects the elderly
  5. Dementia and the caregivers. A research paper on Alzheimer’s disease. Other topics that you can choose are on the symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease and blood tests for Alzheimer’s.
  6. Asthma. You can write a research paper on the various stimuli in patients that cause an asthmatic attack
  7. Autoimmune Disease. Consider the environmental and genetic factors that lead to autoimmune diseases
  8. Blood borne pathogens. There is a rising concern of the potential for transmission of pathogens that are blood borne
  9. Bacterial Meningitis. A research paper ion bacterial meningitis can examine the cute inflammation occurring in the protective membrane covering the brain as well as the spinal cord
  10. Aids and Black Death. You can explore the 2 diseases that hit the planet.
  11. Breast cancer. Your research paper can choose to focus on recent treatments for breast cancer
  12. Children and autism. You can research on the cause of autism in children
  13. Ebola. You can explore the origin, causes, transmission and symptoms of the deadly disease
  14. Acupuncture and depression. You can discuss this ancient medical treatment that involves the penetration of needles in some specific points of the body.
  15. Acupuncture for the purpose of fertility. The research papers can explore how acupuncture is designed to stimulate certain forms of energy
  16. Ayurveda. A research paper that delves into this homeopathy treatment method and how it focuses on the spiritual balance as a way of maintaining a body that is healthy.

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