Crafting A Strong Research Paper On Terrorism In The United States

Terrorism is the topic that is familiar to everyone in the United States. After the events of September 11plenty of people became concerned about this matter. Students often pick this topic to write their research papers. However, it’s not easy to compose a decent academic paper on such important topic. In this article you may learn a few tips that will help you write a strong paper on terrorism in the United States.

  1. Select a narrow topic.
  2. Many students write about terrorism in their essays and other academic papers. For your work to be original and recognizable you should pick a narrow topic. In this case, you will stand out from the crowd and will have more chances to get an excellent grade for your paper. For example, you may choose to write about cyber terrorism in the USA and find ways to counter it.

  3. Research the chosen topic.
  4. To create a good paper you should know your topic perfectly. It’s important to study the chosen topic very thoroughly. Find works of other researchers who investigated similar topics, search the Internet to find interesting and useful information. Additionally, you may even interview people familiar with your topic.

  5. Think about an outline for your study.
  6. Basing on the information that you’ve gathered during the previous step you should create a proper outline for your academic paper. This is important, because without planning your work, you may compose your paper poorly which will result in a low score.

  7. Make an introduction for your paper.
  8. The first paragraphs of your work should grab the attention of your readers and remind them about the importance of such a topic as terrorism. Write briefly about terrible events that affected the country and move on to your thesis statement. To compose a thesis statement properly you may consult your instructor.

  9. Present your arguments in the body.
  10. Start the body with detailed background information on your topic, so that your readers could understand everything you’ll write about next. Describe the main problem of your research and propose some ideas that should solve it. Make sure that you support your arguments with decent evidence.

  11. Make a good conclusion.
  12. To conclude your paper properly you should summarize the main points of your study and state the significance of the work done. Persuade your readers that topics related to terrorism should be researched more, so that some day we could solve this problem forever. Propose the further course to do research on your topic.

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