How To Write A Good Research Paper With Appendix: A Quick Guide

What is an appendix and why is it necessary

First thing, you need to understand that an appendix is an optional part of your research paper and should be included if the paper includes tons of information or if the teacher wants you to include it. It is useful because it helps save the clutter and crowd in your paper and you can give the overview of the background of the subject. It is important to keep in mind that even if you take out the appendix, it should not affect your research paper or change any meaning. The paper alone needs to be self-explanatory and enough to give the readers a clear idea

Below are some important guidelines about writing an appendix with your research paper. You will learn about the tables and raw data that you include in your appendix as well as the ideal length of your paper. It is always best to keep the instructions by your teacher in your mind because different teachers require different specifications for the assignment

The tables and data in the appendix

When you include your data in the appendix, it is better to arrange it in a table and organize it properly. This increases the readability and saves time for the readers when they skim through the information. You can also include maps, stats, tables, graphs, illustrations and photographs in your appendix. This additional information can help your reader in understanding your research and work easily.

What should be the length of the appendix?

Students often wonder that what should be the ideal length of their appendix. The answer is very simple,

  1. Make it long enough to convey a clear and precise background. The word count does not include in your overall research paper so you do not have to worry about the length. However, it needs to be very organized and avoid any redundant or irrelevant details. If your paper is lengthy and needs a long appendix then it is better to divide it into sections. This will make it easier for the reader to locate his required materials.
  2. Remember that the appendix should not be directly associated with your paper in a way that removing it can alter or affect your paper in any way. It should only act as a help for making the subject clear to your audience

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