Creating A Research Paper On The Great Depression Of The 1930s

Prior to the recent collapse of the housing market and the events it triggered in the global economy, the last major unexpected downturn occurred in the late 1920’s and spawned the Great Depression. This was one of the darkest periods of financial history in recent memory and thus provides a wealth of potential topics to research. Here are a few tips you can use to help you get started on the right track:

  • Look for old newspaper articles
  • The newspaper industry was possibly more robust back then than it is now. As a result you will find many stories written by people who experienced the results of the Depression firs hand. The commentary from later eras may contain more facts but will lack the emotional impact of this type of first hand perspective.

  • Read text books that analyze the phenomena
  • Everything that happens can be traced to some underlying cause. Whether that cause is evident or not, be prepared to seek it because it exists. In this case you can look into text books that chronicle the failures among regulatory bodies that led to a systemic collapse.

  • Look into the period that preceded it
  • By studying the 1920’s in detail you can gain some hints as to why the 1930’s were so bad. There were cultural changes taking place throughout America and the world at large that might have shown the likely collapse to those willing to look for it.

  • Look into the events that took place after it
  • While the 30’s were characterized by intense suffering, 1939 saw the end of the Depression and the start of the second World War. Consider the connection between these two events and the way that war is sometimes used as a means of stimulating industry. While the lives of ordinary citizens improved they would still have been enduring war time rationing and restrictions.

  • Pick the right angle
  • The Depression affected people Psychologically, Financially, Spiritually, Physically and in a host of other ways. As a researcher you need to decide where your paper’s focus will reside. You can select more than one issue and pair them to create a more vivid tapestry.

This is a very important time in history to look into especially as we hover on the edge of similar circumstances due to high levels of interconnectedness in modern markets.

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