Writing A Research Paper Statement Of The Problem On Bullying

We have all experienced, or for some of us, been bullies at some point in our lives, either indirectly or directly involved in an instance of bullying. Even if you weren't, the concept of one more powerful individual taking advantage of another for their own benefit is no stranger to us, in fact, these attributes can also be seen in the practices of large corporations and business in economies that exist today. This act is widespread in our society, some might even argue that progress thrives on it, that if it weren't for the ability of powerful entities to take charge and design the world the way they want it. Here are some points to consider when writing a research paper statement about the problem on bullying:

  1. The victims perspective
  2. The victims of this act can have their normal daily routine drastically altered or hindered from the onset of this abuse. Consider the changes that a person is forced to make as a result and also the feelings they experience before, during and after the act has been committed against them.

  3. The bully’s perspective
  4. Most individuals that choose to use their advantageous position for their own benefits at the expense of other people usually have some form of justification which enables them to ignore the rights of another. These reason can be very interesting and sometimes disturbing and should be considered when making a statement.

  5. The mental and physical factors that determine the likelihood of this practice occuring in a given environment.
  6. Sometimes, one may not engage in this act because of personal choice but because of irregularities in their psyche. It is possible that mental disorders that could have been treated had they been recognized can contribute greatly to the occurrence and frequency of this act.

  7. The effect of the act on society
  8. We live in a close knit society with many complex and inter-connected relationships and we all share the desire to feel comfortable and safe as we go about our daily lives. As a result, places where bullying is frequent will be avoided by most people, leaving those areas populated with a particular type of person. In society, these areas eventually develop a reputation and its own culture, completely separated from that of society.

  9. Possible solutions to the problem
  10. This is a complicated issues affecting many people and finding a solution without violating the rights of innocent people can be tricky.

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